War Checkers

Software Used:

Unreal 4, Visual Studio, 3DS Max

Languages Used:

C++, Blueprints



Extra Notes:

This project was part of a game jam our university held as one of our modules


This was a project that was completed for a module in university called professional development. The idea of the project was to be in a group with 4 artists and 2 programmers. I was the lead programmer and the scrum leader. This game was like a mini gamejam, we had a week and a half to make the base game or as much as we could. We completed most of the game and had a extra 2 weeks to fully complete it. This game in total took around 3 weeks and a half. I am very happy on how smooth the game is and how it turned out. 

For the scrums we used Trello and its plus plugin for Chrome so that we could product burndown charts and add timings on to trello.

Game Download: https://cloud.garlickbread.com:8001/sharing/qrXbYNd2Y

Extra Images