About Me

Hello and welcome to my portfolio!
As you can tell from the huge banner my name is Joe Garlick, I am a aspiring Game Developer who is currently studying Computer Science For Games at Sheffield Hallam University. I have been programing for around 5-6 Years now. Most of my programming is linked to games. I started creating mods and plugins for Minecraft and running mulitple popular game servers, I did that for a good 2 years then started on other languages learning how to create websites and their backends. For the last year or so I have been coding missions for a game called Arma 3 which uses SQF code with is a variant of C.

Work Experience:
- I have been working for Dore Moor Garden Centre for 4 years now, I help maintain stock levels, recieve goods into stock, process orders, fix technical equipment, I made and maintain their website: http://doremoor.co.uk, create graphics and advertisements and seo optimisation.